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Casey's Story

May 2009 - I have been giving my 10 year-old female Boxer Casey Technyflex® Canine for seven months now and the difference in Casey is amazing.  Unfortunately, I did not give Casey the loading dose as recommended because I was not sure if Casey would have a reaction (which she did not) but if I had I am sure she would have had quicker results.  Casey was having difficulty climbing up our stairs, jumping into the car, and was not as active as she had been, I could tell her joints were bothering her because she didn’t like her hind legs being touched; the general wear and tear for an older dog.  I have tried so many glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, fish oil products over the years but they did not help Casey.  Since I started Casey on the Technyflex® Canine I gradually saw an improvement in Casey over these past seven months.  Its funny how you don’t notice right away the improvement but Casey is now running around the yard and when I get home from work she runs to get her toy to play (Casey has not done that for awhile), she jumps into the car with out an issue, and I can now touch her hind legs. I also purchased the human version Mobicosa® and notice in the morning that my joints are not sore like they used to be.

- Patty M from USA

Casey in Car

Buster's Story

Here is Buster. He's a mini schnauzer who just turned 12. He has Ulcerative Colitis/Irritable Bowel and has always had back issues (he injured himself when he was a puppy by jumping over a 3ft fence).

Because of his digestive issues, we've tried a lot of things, but have not been able to use them as Buster was always sensitive and would end up getting sick.

Technyflex® Canine is the first supplement that he's been able to tolerate, and that has really helped him! He runs around like a puppy, jumps up onto the couch, and has more stamina that our 4 year old hound! His itchy skin has disappeared, his coat is shiny and his eyes are bright. He feels great! Technyflex® Canine has made a huge difference for him! We've already started our other dog on it and after only 1 week, she seems to be doing better too.

Thanks for providing a great product!

- Eva K from Canada

Buster on lawn

Excellent Results for Great Dane

I first discovered Technyflex® as a wonderful alternative treatment for my 9 year old Great Dane. At the time he could no longer take Vet prescribed drugs for arthritis due to their side effects.

Technyflex® relieved his pain and had no damaging side effects. I have since given it to my other dogs for inflammatory conditions due to injury as well, and have had the same excellent results.

- S.B from Australia

17yo Red Cattle Dog Back Up & Running

Late last year I noticed my 17 year old Red Cattle dog was starting to develop quite a bad limp due to arthritis in his front left and rear joints. I started him onTechnyflex® Canine capsules. At first there was no dramatic improvement, however around 7- 10 days later I noticed Max was not pulling his fur out and seemed to be able to get up a lot easier.

After two weeks he had noticeably more energy and was actually running alongside the car (something he had not done for months). His fur has grown back completely and he could get up a lot easier first thing in the mornings.

I am certain Technyflex® Canine capsules have had a positive effect on his general health, energy and mobility.

- J.L from Australia

Technyflex, Better than the Rest

Paddy my 7 year old dog was begining to show the signs of athritis. I am very careful with his diet and want to avoid steroids. I decided to try onTechnyflex® and the results were dramatic. Clearly it helped him more than any supplement had in the past.

He now takes two tablets per day and our Vet says he looks wonderful - so free in his movement. I hope many others who want to maintain their dogs'health will give onTechnyflex® a try.

- M.S from Australia

Excellent Service

Excellent service! Noticeable improvement in my dog's walking after having sore and weak rear legs.

- Colin from New Zealand.




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